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We offer pilot-scale facilities which would normally be too expensive to smaller companies and university research groups.

What we do

PACT is currently involved in over 30 projects worth in excess of £41m, with grant allocation of over £4.5m.


PACT collaborates with over 120 organisations internationally, and by July 2017 the Core Facilities had hosted over 1300 visitors from 287 organisations, including 70 academics and 217 industrial organisations.


A testament to PACT’s success is the international recognition received for its work in carbon capture and energy technologies reflected by its custodianship of the International CCS Test Centre Network (ITCN), membership of the European CCS Laboratory Infrastructure and the custodianship of the International Flame Research Foundation (IFRF).

Our offer

PACT offers the global CCUS community a unique facility to scale up multiple aspects of CCUS research.


Shared access to state-of-the-art facilities provides a cost-effective and comprehensive research capability to both industry and academia.


Developers are able to test technologies for extended periods under commercially-representative conditions with solid/liquid/gas-derived flue gas and syngas/biogas. Additionally, the PACT facilities provide high quality training opportunities for early career researchers.


Amongst the 70 companies that we have worked with directly or indirectly as part of a collaborative project consortia are: Alstom (now GE), Ansys UK, BG Group (now Shell), BOC-Linde, BP, Carbon Clean Solutions, Costain, Doosan Power Systems, Drax Group, EON (now Uniper), EDF, Fluent Europe, Howden, National Grid, Progressive Energy, PSE, SSE, Sembcorp, Siemens AG, Clean Energy Generation, and RJM International.

Future plans

Future developments will focus on the next phase of the facilities, to include a broader, more integrated technical capability and emerging technologies, such as:

  • Gasification and pre-combustion capture
  • Dedicated Waste to Energy (WTE) and biogas systems
  • New pilot-scale membrane test rig
  • integrated process intensification
  • a high pressure oxy system
  • a CO2 utilisation plant


Research and Development

  • Access to facilities and data collection
  • Analytical services
  • Extensive analytical capabilities with partner universities
  • Advanced R&D support can be provided as part of a collaborative project, as a consultancy or as a mixture of the two.

Analytical Services

  • Comprehensive analytical capability for process monitoring and analytical services
  • This includes characterisation of fuels, ash and other residues, carbon capture media and degradation products and other applications.
  • Extensive analytical facilities within the partner organisations.
  • Analytical facilities can be accessed alongside R&D services or independently.


  • Technical consultancy including supporting technology development or interpretation of results in particular for customers who might not have the in-house expertise in a given area.
  • Process and modelling consultancy


  • Activities for industry and academia in the area of carbon capture technologies and related science and engineering areas.
  • Bespoke teaching and training programmes
  • Doctoral training, apprenticeships and staff training for external and internal customers
  • Hands on training using the facilities.

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