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Bioenergy is the single largest renewable energy source, providing 10% of the world’s primary energy supply. It is hugely important in many developing countries. We lead on testing a wide range of biomasses, from virgin forestry products to waste-grade fuels in both chipped and pulverised forms. Combustion can take place is air-fired or oxy-fuel environments, enabling different BECCS – bioenergy with carbon capture and storage – technologies to be investigated.

Advanced Power Generation

Improving the performance of fossil fuel-based power and integrating these with carbon capture is vital to meet emission targets. Our research in this area covers natural gas and various grade of coal, to explore conventional power and integration with carbon capture.


Carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS) is the most valuable technology we have to fight climate change.


As the UK’s official national testing facility for Carbon Capture and Storage, PACT has world-leading experts working in the following areas:

  • Post-combustion and oxy fuel testing
  • CO2 utilisation technologies
  • New monitoring technologies
  • Storage modelling


PACT has leading modelling capability including Ansys/Fluent, PSE/G-proms,PSE/G-CCS and Aspen and Aspen+ software and including research and commercial licenses.


The data from the various PACT facilities can be used to validate computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models and full-chain process simulations. These models can also be scaled-up to consider steady-state and dynamic operation of commercial facilities.


New developments include an Advanced Dynamic Virtual Power Plant with Carbon Capture simulation and training software.

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