A facility managed by the University of Sheffield

PACT: Pilot-Scale Advanced Capture Technology

Bringing together a comprehensive range of integrated facilities bridging the gap between bench-scale industrial and academic R&D, and large-scale industrial pilot trials.

About PACT

PACT facilities bridge the gap between bench-scale R&D and large-scale industrial pilot trials, enabling users to develop and demonstrate their technologies to provide the necessary commercial confidence before committing to the significant costs of large-scale trails.


Our aim is to support and catalyse industrial and academic research. By doing so, our ambition is to accelerate the development and commercialisation of novel technologies for carbon capture and clean power generation and ultimately reduce greenhouse gas emissions from both power generation and energy intensive industries.

Our Team

Prof. Mohamed Pourkashanian

University of Sheffield

PACT Director, Chair of PACT Board and Manager of PACT Core facilities

Dr Kris Milkowski

University of Sheffield

PACT Business Development Manager

Dr Karen N Finney

Energy 2050

Research Fellow, gas turbine and emissions monitoring

Dr Muhammad Akram

Energy 2050

Research Fellow, carbon capture

Dr Janos Szuhanszki

Energy 2050

Research Fellow, solid fuel combustion

Dr Alastair Clements

Energy 2050

Research Fellow, modelling

Paul Crosby

University of Sheffield

PACT Technical Engineering Team Leader

Operated in partnership with the University of Sheffield